Arrival Slots

Aliens are hardly newcomers to the world of slot games. They can be quirky, threatening, or plain cute. You never know what to expect when you see a slot game based around this popular and diverse theme.

This game gives us a short scene where we get to meet the occupants of some spaceships. But will they have a role to play once we get to the meat of the Arrival slot game?

Reels and pay lines

This one works well with five reels and brings in 30 lines to play on as well.

Coins to consider using

The usual coin range we see in Betsoft games is present here as well. We can wager between two and 50 cents on each of those 30 lines.

Arrival icons to look for

Don’t be concerned with looking for wilds or scatters, as the game features neither of these common symbols. There are some other features to look for though, so you won’t have a dull time.

Are there special features involved?

The ray gun is important. Three of these appearing on the reels unlocks a Click Me bonus. Pick a UFO and find out how many coins will come your way. That’s easy!

Aliens are good to find here as well. Three of those will bring in the Abduction Wild Reel. As the name suggests, one of the five reels will transform into a wild reel. There are some freebies to spin into action here too, so you never know how things will progress.

Finally, there is a girl to spot in the game. Three appearances in one spin will produce the bonus for you. There is a marine who is trying to rescue the girl, and you must try and achieve that aim. The alien is called The Brain, and he is holding her hostage. All quite dramatic!

Prepare to play the Arrival slot today

Arrival is a great example of how far Betsoft has come in developing games. Their earlier attempt at an alien slot, Out of This World, is good to play, but it does not have half as many features as this one does. Don’t worry about not having a scatter or a wild to look for. We doubt you will worry about that as you get to grips with this set of reels. Try it and see how it works.