Dash for Cash Slots

There is a huge group of online slot players who enjoy classic slots. However, the classic slot game design can be slightly boring at times for other players. Dash For Cash Slots merges the perfect aspects of classic slot games and modern interactive features. This one pay line, 3 reel online slot game comes with a fun tree theme, complete with squirrels. The trees have chewed up portions of them, which leads players to think the squirrels are hiding cash in the trees.

Moderate Coin Sizes For Medium Rollers: Dash For Cash Slots

Players who enjoy moderately betting will enjoy the variety of coin options in Dash For Cash Slots. The coin values begin at $0.05 and range to $5.00, with players being permitted to wager up to three coins on the single pay line. This means a player is restricted to $15 per spin. While this is certainly not a high roller’s wager, it’s also not a penny player’s wager, which is why it’s been labeled as moderate.

Simple Symbols With High Payouts: Dash For Cash Slots

The symbols in Dash For Cash Slots include trees, acorns, a wild symbol, wooden 7s symbols, squirrels, and pine cones. To create a win, players must land three matching symbols or a combination of matching symbols with wild symbols. The highest paying symbol is the pine cones, which yield a pay out of 1500. The second highest is the squirrel symbol, which pays 150 coins. The wooden 7s symbols pay 60 coins. The trees are worth 9 coins and the acorns are worth 6 coins.

Interactive Bonus Round Takes Dash For Cash From Classic To Special

The game also comes with a special Dash For Cash symbol, which is the triggering key to the bonus feature. When players land three of these special symbols, the interactive bonus game is triggered and bells will start alerting the player they are entering the game. The game does actually require a bit of skill and it not as random as most online slot bonus feature games. For this game interactive game, the player will see squirrels flying through the air. Players will also see several arrows flashing and the player must hit the correct arrow before time runs out to win the prize. If they don’t the squirrel will crash and the bonus game will end.