Monkey Money Slots

We guess that might be a possibility. We wonder if it will have any pockets to hold the cash it might have with it? Monkey Money is a catchy title and while Betsoft, the creator, has released many more advanced slots since this one, it still provides us with some sparkling entertainment. We get a tropical theme here too with palm trees and beaches involved, so let’s see what else it holds in store.

Reels and pay lines

We can expect five reels in this game and only nine lines to bet on.

Coins to consider using

A penny is good for using as the cheapest coin in this game. It is possible to increase that value to 50 cents at most.

Monkey Money icons to look for

While many games include a wild icon and possibly a scatter too, this is not one of them. It features neither of those important symbols.

A monkey does appear in the game, and if you can find a complete paid line with five monkeys on it, you would score 3,000 coins. Meanwhile, there are gold coins to be found. Filling a paid line with those would garner the top prize of 5,000 coins.

Are there special features involved?

No freebies are available to spin your way through in Monkey Money, but you can try and trigger the bonus feature.

The idea is to locate three coconuts on the same paid line. Another screen will then load where you can see a selection of coconuts. Can you see where this is going? Monkeys have lots of experience in cracking those open, and the monkey will oblige in cracking open any coconut you choose. All but one of the coconuts has coins inside. However, if you pick the rotten one it will end the feature and it is back to the main game you go.

Prepare to play the Monkey Money slot today

Monkey Money is quite a simple slot in many ways. It would be better if a wild was involved, but the bonus makes up for that to some extent. Will you be aided by the monkey as you spin this set of five reels? We hope so – it is worth checking out the game to see how it performs for you. Maybe the demo is a good place for you to begin.