Out of this World Slots

Out of this World Slots
We wonder if it will. The theme is obvious given that title, don’t you think? Whenever we get a game that mentions leaving Earth, we guess it will take us into outer space. That is true of this one, and since it comes from Betsoft, we have high hopes it will be an out of this world experience too.

Reels and pay lines

The game begins with five reels to spin. You might be surprised at being limited to just nine paylines though.

Coins to consider using

Betsoft likes to provide a two-cent minimum bet for each line. They’ve done that again here. We also get the usual maximum of 50 cents per coin. And yes, if you recall other games allowing up to five coins per line, that is the case here too.

Out of This World icons to look for

Would you be shocked if we revealed the lack of a scatter and a wild in this game? We bet you would, and that means the game is revealed to be more basic than you might have thought.

This earlier effort from the developer also has two aliens, while relying on the usual playing card icons to fill the other spots. As you might guess, the aliens are able to provide the biggest payouts if you can find enough matching ones on the reels.

Are there special features involved?

Despite having no scatter or wild, you can potentially play a bonus. Three spaceships must appear in one spin to make this happen. The idea is to fire at the ships on your screen when the bonus begins. There are green aliens that hide prizes, while a red alien can also be found. You’ll want to avoid that red one if you can, because that will end the round if you hit it.

Prepare to play the Out of This World slot today

This is far more basic than you might have expected from Betsoft. It is no surprise to learn this is an earlier title in their collection. They’ve released far better alien-themed slots since then, but it is still nice to see how far they have come. The game does also feature a nice bonus, so if you want to go Out of This World, you should try this one whenever you get the chance. Meet some aliens, for a change!