Event Horizon Slots

Event Horizon sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? We were expecting a dramatic theme in this slot. It turns out Event Horizon is the phrase used to describe the pull a black hole has on everything around it. Don’t get too close or you’ll get sucked in.

Is that the theme in this game? We do get a space theme here, nothing unusual there, but the visual elements are very nice. Expect a mix of traditional symbols though, rather than planets or aliens or black holes.

Reels and pay lines

The game is based on five reels, but instead of providing paylines, Betsoft (the developer) has given us the full 243 ways to win.

Coins to consider using

Since way wins are in use, there is one bet to choose for each spin. There is a huge range too, going from 25 cents to $125.

Event Horizon icons to look for

Watch out for a sphere shown in various glowing shades. Could this be the black hole? It can substitute for everything as the wild symbol, appearing on reels two, three, four, and five.

Are there special features involved?

There are no bonuses to look for in Event Horizon. However, before you wonder whether the game is worth playing, we should reveal the Synced Reels feature. This has been used in other slot games and is usually quite appealing.

The idea of this feature is that it occurs on every spin. Two or more reels appearing next to each other are shown to have linked symbols. That means the same symbols will appear in the same positions on all the synced reels. You are guaranteed two synced reels on every spin, but occasionally you might see three or more on the same spin. Everyone will hope to see all five reels spinning together for obvious reasons.

Prepare to play the Event Horizon slot today

This game might not involve too many symbols related to the space theme, but it does still provide something different to get used to. We like the synced reels feature and the wild icon, although it would have been nice to see that appearing on all the reels.

It would be good to see space-themed symbols here too, but we guess if you like looking at cherries and all the usual suspects, the Event Horizon slot delivers on several different levels. Will you get sucked in?