Pharaoh King Slots

We’ve been to ancient Egypt countless times in online slot games. No doubt we’ll head back there many times again in future, too. But there is a good reason why this is a popular theme – it’s popular with players and it holds lots of potential for putting together some excellent gameplay.

Betsoft knows this only too well, hence why we have a chance to play this game to see what lies beyond the reels. And who is the Pharaoh King, anyway?

Reels and pay lines

This game brings us 20 lines spread over five reels.

Coins to consider using

The coins are typical of Betsoft games, rising from two cents at the lowest end to 50 cents at the highest. You also get the chance to wager as many as five coins on each of the lines.

Pharaoh King icons to look for

There is one word you should watch out for in this game – WILD. This will substitute most of the other things that could appear on the five reels. Only the pyramid cannot be subbed in this way, as this is a scatter symbol. Two or more are required to secure a scatter prize.

There is also a scarab beetle involved – something that is quite common in Egyptian slot games. In this case, it is the jackpot symbol. That said, you would need to play the maximum wager to trigger the jackpot if five scarab beetles appeared on the same line during that spin.

Are there special features involved?

Look out for a red key, a blue key, and a green key as you play the game. Each key you find is displayed above the reels. Once you have all the keys, you progress to a bonus round called Unlock the Tombs. Six urns are displayed on the screen and you must try and find as many prizes as you can. Five of the urns have credits hidden inside them. Only one has a ‘collect’ message. You get the idea – pick as many credits as you can before discovering that message.

Prepare to play the Pharaoh King slot today

This is a great slot and while it doesn’t offer an autoplay option, it has everything else you could want in a slot game based in ancient Egypt. All the highlights are here, but you’ll be focusing on those keys above all else.