The Glam Life Slots

Glam is short for glamorous, so we can guess what might appear over the reels of this game once we give them a spin. Expect lots of riches to appear over the screen, such as jets, expensive watches, and Rolls Royce cars too. With all this in mind, could there be an opportunity to try and find some credit prizes here as well?

Reels and pay lines

The Glame Life delivers five reels to spin as we start to play, giving us 20 lines to place some wagers on.

Coins to consider using

Betsoft typically likes a two-cent minimum, but here we get just one cent playable per line. There are other values too, giving us the maximum total bet of $50 for a spin.

The Glam Life icons to look for

There is no chance of finding a wild in this game, which is unusual. However, the jewelry box is good to spot. You’ll need to locate three on a paid line to be able to choose one. Open it to find out how many credits are inside.

The yacht is worth spotting as well. In fact, if five occupy the same line, it can unlock the progressive jackpot. This would only happen if you played the maximum bet when that combination dropped, though. Something to be aware of.

Are there special features involved?

Three or more perfume bottles on the same paid line will present you with 15 ring boxes. Each contains a ring worth a certain amount. Open the boxes until three identical rings are discovered, at which point you’ll scoop the prize connected to that ring type.

A small quantity of freebies can be played when three, four, or five planes fly into position on the reels. These would bring two, three, or five freebies respectively.

Finally, if a paid line produces three mansions in one spin, you can see another screen filled with landmarks. Just select the three you like most and find out how many credits are hidden at each one. Easy!

Prepare to play The Glam Life slot today

The Glam Life shows us how much there is to enjoy in a typical Betsoft slot game. This one is associated with lots of special features, so it is worth finding out everything you can about it. Could this be a delight for you to play today?