Legend of the Nile Slots

The online slots world is filled with Egyptian-themed games. That said, any new Egyptian-themed slot needs unique aspects to truly differentiate itself from the pack.

Enter Betsoft's Legend of the Nile slots, which features cluster pays and a side meter that offers free spins, cash payouts, and jackpots. Let's discuss how all of these aspects work along with why Legend of the Nile is so different from other games in this genre.

Atmosphere and Symbols

Most Egyptian slots that we've played feature pyramids in the middle of the desert. Legend of the Nile differs, though, by providing a more-detailed background.

In the foreground, you'll see lotus flowers, vegetation, palm tree leaves, and steps leading to a small pool. The background features a sphinx statue, pyramids, and the vast Nile River. This game's background truly lives up to the name, while also providing a hint of mystery.

Symbols include: Anubis (free spins), Isis (free spins), pyramid (wild), pharaoh, scarab, Eye of Ra, Ankh, Ba (falcon), and Tiet. The pharaoh and scarab are the highest-paying regular symbols, offering 3,000 coins for 20+ symbols. The pyramid not only substitutes for other symbols to form wins, but it also pays 6,000 coins for 20+ symbols.

This game is presented on a 6x7 grid, which makes the symbols appears somewhat small. However, Betsoft still did a good job of providing quality detail in each icon.

Legend of the Nile Special Features - Free Spins, Multipliers & Cluster Pays

The most prominent feature in Legend of the Nile is that you can form cluster pays. As long as you have at least four symbols in a cluster, you receive a payout. This makes for some truly big wins as you play this game.

You'll also see a "Power Bar" (meter) on the left side of the reels. This keeps track of Ra symbols that you accumulate and awards bonuses accordingly. Here are the different bonuses you can get on the Power Bar:

8x Ra = 8 free spins 9x Ra = +2 free spins (on top of 8 free games) 12x Ra = +2 free spins 15x Ra = +3 free spins 17x Ra = 400x total bet 20x Ra = Progressive jackpot (worth $17,716 at the time of this review)

Other special features include Anubis free spins and Isis free spins. Both of these bonus rounds offer upgraded payouts when you land the Anubis or Isis symbols. For example, Anubis pays up to 20,000 credits during Anubis free spins, while Isis pays up to 15,000 coins during Isis free games.

The top overall payout in Legend of the Nile is 112,270 credits, which is really big in comparison to most games.

Betting Options

Given that Legend of the Nile is a cluster pay game, it doesn't act like standard slots. But the betting process is similar to a 15-payline game.

The minimum coin size is $0.02, and the minimum overall wager is $0.30 per spin. You can also adjust the bet level (a.k.a. coins per line), which ranges from 1-5.

Other options include autoplay and Bet Max. Autoplay lets you keep the reels spinning automatically for up to 100 spins, while Bet Max turns bet level up to 5.

Legend of the Nile RTP

Legend of the Nile's return to player (RTP) is 95.62%.This is average for an online slot. We should also mention that the volatility is above average, due to the fact that you can get two free spin rounds along with extra bonuses on the Ra symbol.

Final Thoughts on Legend of the Nile Slots

It's not very often that we play an Egyptian-themed slot that truly differs from the pack. But Betsoft has pulled this feat off with Legend of the Nile.

Everything from the cluster pays to Power Bar do a good job of making this slot different from others. We also like the unique background, which combines Egyptian elements with tropical aspects. That said, we highly recommend Legend of the Nile if you're looking for a different kind of Egyptian game.