Golden Lion Casino

Have you ever heard of a type of slot called an i-Slot? The full name for this variety is the interactive slot, so-called because it offers a more in-depth experience when compared to other games of a similar type. Rival Gaming created the i-Slot, and their collection of games now offers a superb mix of titles that fit into this category. Better still, you can play them if you decide to join in the entertainment waiting for you at Golden Lion Casino.

If you visit the home page of Golden Lion Casino, sparkling in black and gold, you will see the menu bar near the top of that page. Over to the right, there is a link that takes you to the games page. You will then see a selection of game types to choose from on that page. One option you can select is i-Slots.

When that selection has been made, you can view lots of intriguing i-Slots from the Rival Gaming collection. The most famous of all, the three-slot series called As the Reels Turn, is there at the beginning. You will also see Cosmic Quest Episode 1: Mission Control and Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets. Hole in Won has also received a sequel, called Hole in Won: The Back Nine. There are lots more i-Slots where those came from, so explore the entire collection courtesy of the team at Golden Lion Casino today.

New to Slots? Essentials You Should Know Before You Play

Are you new here? More than that, are you new to playing slot games? While most people know what they are, they may never have tried playing them before. If you are wondering whether to dip your toes into these waters, we've got some handy advice that might be good to read before you start.

Everything you need to know is in the paytable

Every slot game includes a paytable. The simpler games, i.e. those with three reels, usually put them on the same page as the game itself. The more complex games will have a button to click on to reveal the paytable.

Either way, the table includes everything you need to know about the game. You can find out how many paylines there are, which prizes can be won (and how), and whether there are special symbols to look for. All this will be useful to you when playing.

Most games can be played for fun before you play for real prizes

If you're new, we would always recommend you play a few slot games in demo mode before you consider placing real bets on them. Not all providers offer their games like this, but most do. It means you can check out how they work and how to make bets - but only with play coins. You can more easily tell which games are going to be best for you to play.

This is great to know if you are new to slots and how they work. It also means you can try a variety of them to figure out how they differ from each other and what appeals to you most.

Some games are far cheaper to play than others

Look closely at the betting range when you begin. Plenty of online slots accept bets from as little as one cent per line. Since some games have only one line to bet on, you can see your budget would go a long way with these games. Other games demand a bigger bet per line, with a much higher minimum in place.

Always check the coin values the developer has given you before deciding to play a game. Never start playing without a firm budget in mind, and don't spend more than you are comfortable to lose. This is probably the most important advice of all to remember before you play.

How Many Things Can a Wild Symbol Do?

One of the most commonly seen symbols in many slot games is the wild symbol. This appears throughout lots of different games, although by no means all of them. However, it does not always appear in the same way. That's what we are going to find out more about here.

Wilds can act in different ways depending on the games they appear in. Below, we have listed a few of the more common wild icons you might encounter. There are others, so be alert for some exciting opportunities.

Expanding wilds

These are very common and are seen in lots of games today. A wild can appear in one position on a reel before expanding to fill that reel. They can appear on all reels, but occasionally will only appear on the odd-numbered or even-numbered ones. Try looking for games that are more generous with their positioning if you can.

Shifting wilds

These wilds are good to find because they generally stay on the reels for longer. They might move from right to left, moving one position over for each subsequent spin. For example, let's say a shifting wild appeared on the fourth reel in a spin. Each subsequent spin would see it move over one position, firstly onto the third reel and eventually to the second and then the first, before disappearing. This means you get several chances to score some wild wins.

Multiplier wilds

These wilds carry a multiplier value with them. That multiplier might be as shown on the wild - 2x, for example. In other cases, there might be several wilds with each one bearing a different value. If a wild is involved in a winning line, the usual win is multiplied by that wild value as shown.

Giant wilds

Could this be our favorite? Giant wilds have the power to take over more than their usual 1 x 1 spot on the reels. They might take over a 2 x 2 area, for example, meaning four icons will act as wild icons. In some slots, you might benefit from larger 3 x 4 or even 4 x 4 icons, depending on the size of the reels. This increases your chances of multiple wild wins from that spin.

Enjoy these wild varieties as you play slot games today. We think you will appreciate the many variations that exist, as they could all bring you prizes.