Cleopatra's Coins: Treasure of the Nile Slots

If color is important to you when viewing an online slot, we doubt you are going to be disappointed with the one we’re reviewing here. Cleopatra’s Coins: Treasure of the Nile is beautiful to look at, but you’ll want to start playing it as well.

The design is an essential part of this slot, but there is a lot more to thrill you too. Let’s dive in and check out every aspect of this game. Get ready to say hello to Cleo.

Who developed the title?

We’ve got another thrilling slot here from Rival Gaming. Will it be their best? We’ll soon see as we go through our review.

We know there is a demo to try

We always choose the demo first, so we can see whether the game calls for some real play. It’s nice to see Rival has included this version.

The theme is familiar and welcome

Ancient Egypt is popular among many slot players and it’s not hard to see why. There are pyramids, tombs, pharaohs, and in this case, Cleopatra herself also makes an appearance.

A beautiful slot design

The color is impressive here. The logo alone looks superb, but when you view the backdrop (including the pyramids, of course), it sets the scene for the detailed symbols showing up on the reels.

Let’s start checking out the features in the game

Cleopatra’s Coins: Treasure of the Nile is a five-reel game. There are three symbols per reel, so this is something you’ve encountered before, no doubt. There are no progressive jackpots here though.

Scarab beetles often show up in Egyptian slots. They appear here too, acting as wild icons and replacing everything else. That’s not all this beetle can do, though. We’ll keep you on tenterhooks for a while yet on that one.

We do get a scatter as well, the snake, but it only pays out scatter prizes. It doesn’t have another role to play.

More paylines than we expected

We thought this game would have 20 or 25 lines, but instead it turns out to offer 50 of them.

Choose your coin wisely

Values go from a cent to a quarter here, and with 50 lines to cover, it’s often best to go for a cheaper coin. With a cent on each line, you still need 50 cents to cover everything.

Check out the icons on the paytable

Everything you would expect to see in a slot game set in ancient Egypt is present in the paytable and on the reels. Cleopatra is there, along with the pharaoh, some pottery, and a snake.

No bonus in this game

We wanted to find one, maybe involving coins, but sadly nothing is there.

Free spins don’t appear… but respins might

Every wild beetle that triggers a prize sees the scarab beetle stay where it landed. You then watch as everything else spins again. It means you can try and get another prize to add to the original one. This only happens when the beetles trigger a prize for you. If they appear during a losing spin, you don’t get the respin.

RTP unknown at present

If this changes, we’ll add the info to our report.

Do we like Cleopatra’s Coins: Treasure of the Nile?

We love the design and presentation elements – it earns a top score in those categories. We cannot help but feel Rival could have done way more with this one though. The title doesn’t make much sense since there are no coins involved with any features. Maybe they forgot to add them?

We’re putting this in our seven out of 10 points category.

Top prize potential in the game

The top prize is 600x your wager, which is not surprising when you realize the volatility level of the game is on the low side.

Play the demo to start with

It’s not easy to tell what you think of the game until you see it in action. Therefore, the demo of Cleopatra’s Coins: Treasure of the Nile will reveal whether you think this is a treasure or a disappointment.

Play for real if you join a Rival casino

Rival casinos should all have access to this game. If the demo appeals to you and you want to go further with a minimum 50-cent bet per spin, you know what to do.

Mobile access is available as well

More players than ever before are discovering slots on tablets and smartphones. You can play this release on Android and iOS too, since it has been designed with those platforms in mind. Will this be your first foray into mobile gaming with Rival?