Wishing Cup Slots

Deep within an ancient tomb, free spins and expanding wilds await. Wishing Cup slots carries an Ancient Egypt theme with one more special feature that occurs when the Eye of Horus is on the reels. Play for as little as a penny a line and watch with amazement as your dreams of winning come true. Coin values go as high as 25 cents for a maximum bet of $62.50.

The Eye of Horus Replicates Other Symbols for Bigger Wins

Many symbols in Wishing Cup slots pay when you have at least three matches on an active pay line. The 9 and 10 pay 3 to 65 coins. The J and Q pay 4 to 75 coins. The K pays 6 to 100 coins, but the A is the most valuable of the poker symbols at 8 to 125 coins.

Ancient Egyptian symbols pay more. They include:

  • The Ankh – 10 to 150 coins
  • The Heqa Staff and Flail – 15 to 300 coins
  • The Scarab – 20 to 400 coins
  • The Dagger – 25 to 600 coins

The three highest paying symbols are Ra at 30 to 750 coins. Anubis payouts range from 40 to 1,500 coins. Finally, Osiris pays 50 to 2,000 coins.

When the Eye of Horus appears on the reels, King Tut's Tomb opens up and allows any of the main symbols to appear, which helps form winning lines. There's also a wild Wishing Cup that expands and adds to the possibility of getting a winning combination.

Win Up to 15 Free Spins Thanks to King Tut

King Tut rewards players with free spins. With three of the free spin symbols, you win 7 free spins. You get 10 free spins with 4 kings, and 15 if all 5 appear. All free spins have a wild center reel to help increase the odds of a win.

Winning combinations occur regularly in this Ancient Egypt slot. With wilds leading the way, the Eye of Horus bonus feature adds to the possibility of winning. Try it today. You never know what gifts are in store with each spin of the reels. Play Wishing Cup slots and experience the glory.