Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Well, with a title like Max Quest Cinematic, you can tell this slot game is going to be different to all those that have gone before it. You will get a chance to play a game that is a mix between a slot game and an adventure game, but how far the two will mix, we are not yet sure.

We do know we can thank Betsoft for bringing this to our attention, and it will be released in September 2018. That means we have a short wait still to go before we can try it for ourselves. So, what do we know?

How many reels and win lines are there?

The level of secrecy around this game is unprecedented. It means we know little other than the experience will be akin to mixing a slot with an adventure game. We think there will be win lines involved, and some reels too, but until the game is released, we cannot tell for certain.

Which coins can you use to place bets?

One thing we can be reasonably sure about is the chance of getting several bet amounts to choose from. Betsoft is known for providing ample variety in this area, so we expect them to follow that here too. Furthermore, the more coin options they offer, the bigger the potential audience will be for this game.

Does Max Quest Cinematic have special icons in play?

The theme is ancient Egypt - a well-trodden one to be sure, but also a theme that many slot players love. Betsoft has stuck with a familiar and popular theme here then, so we might reasonably expect to see some icons that have appeared in other Egyptian-themed slots. However, that adventure twist could see them appearing in a very different way.

What about bonus features?

Who knows? This is one of the most exciting elements of the new game. We simply don't know which features will be included, although we doubt there will be none. There is too much fanfare surrounding the game for it to be a letdown.

Get ready to download and play the Max Quest Cinematic slot game

Coming in September 2018, the Max Quest Cinematic slot game is going to change the way we view slots. Will you be one of the first people in line to give it a try?