Scary Rich 3 Slots

Scary Rich 3 slots really brings horror to the reels. This 3D slot game continues where the other games left off. This time, there's a touch of Scooby Doo to the game with a trio of ghost hunters exploring a creepy old mansion. You have a Shaggy look-alike, a green-eyed female who's slightly reminiscent of Daphne, and then the other guy who seems to be a little more like Fred.

There are some special touches that add to the horror. Reels splatter in blood when you spin them. The game options are also splattered in blood. Symbols are animated and make realistic sounds as they shriek or react to the horror presented to them.

What You'll Win in the Base Game

Base game payouts are rewarding. The shrieking skulls are the lowest in value and pay 5 to 60 coins. The Shaggy-like character is next with a top prize of 100 coins. The video camera and other male are worth 150 and 200 coins max. The skeleton keys pay up to 300, while the Frankenstein's monster pays up to 400. The lantern and female give out a top prize of 500 and 600 coins, respectively.

Remaining paying symbols include the metal helmet that pays 40 to 800 coins. The bloody cleaver pays as much as 2,500 coins.

How About the Wild Werewolf?

The werewolf is also a wild in Scary Rich 3. In free spins, the wild expands, but in the base game, it doesn't. It does gain special multipliers in the base game. If it appears twice in a winning combination, your prizes double. If it appears three times, you get a 5x multiplier. If you're really lucky, it will appear four times. If that happens, you get a 10x multiplier.

There's Still One More Bonus

The free spins icon is the baron. He gives you 6, 66, or 666 free spins when it appears three, four, or five times on the reels. Imagine the rush of getting 666 free spins! The wild werewolf will expand to fill the whole reel. If that happens, you will see your winnings soar.

Scary Rich 3 slots has 50 pay lines in all. You can bet up to 5 coins per line. With coin values starting at a penny or going as high as 25 cents, there's plenty of room to create a wager that makes you happy. If you pick 10 cents and max out the other options, you'll spend $25 per spin. It's easy to go much lower or as high as $125 per spin. That's the joy of this game. You play it the way you want and enjoy the creepy sounds and animations along the way.