Play Games Based in the Far East

How many times have you been to the Far East? Not for real, but in the world of slot games. There are many opportunities to do just that, and there are many reasons why you should consider doing so too.

We've played our share of Far East-themed games online, so we thought we would put together our favorite reasons why they are worth a try.

The graphics are typically outstanding

Cherry blossoms, dramatic landscapes, beautiful dress… you can expect all this and more if you decide you are going to try your luck with a Far Eastern slot game. There are lots of them around and most are of excellent quality too, bringing you the chance to enjoy superb graphics. These are immersive and draw you further into the game too.

The number eight usually comes into play

Did you know this number is thought to bring good fortune in the Far East? Since slot games will hopefully bring you the chance to enjoy good fortune, it makes sense the number eight would be used here.

Sometimes, you may see lines using this number - eight or 18, for example. You might see a multiplier of 8x to bring you riches too, if you are lucky enough. Other games use multiples of eight when working out the prizes. For example, there could be 8, 88, or 888 times your bet paid to you if you get the right number of matching icons in place.

There is plenty of scope for bonuses to be included

Every slot player loves bonuses, right? With so many exotic figures and icons popping up in these games, there is plenty of inspiration for software developers to act on when thinking about bonuses to include.

Some will include more than one within the same game too. That is great news for you if you like plenty of variety to entertain you. Perhaps you will choose blossoms from a tree or open one of a selection of ornate boxes. There is plenty of scope here and you will see this put to good use when considering which games to play.

If you are new to this slot game theme, we recommend trying as many Far Eastern games as you can… but to try the demo versions first. You will then discover which games you would rather play when you have some time to do so.