Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Head into ancient temples and search for treasure in a lively five-reel bonus slot. Coins range in size from a penny to 25 cents in Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple slots. If you're feeling adventurous, just like Jenny, place the highest bet of $50 and see what awaits.

Main Symbols Range in Value

Many of the prizes require three matching symbols on an active pay line. With 20 lines in all, it's easy to get winning combinations. Win 4 or 5 to 80 coins with the mask or pouch of diamonds. The machete pays 6 to 100 coins. The hat pays 8 to 150 coins. The Jeep pays 10 to 200 coins, and the binocular symbol pays 12 to 225 coins.

The temple is worth 15 to 300 coins, and the handgun pays 20 to 350 coins. This leaves one more symbol that needs three symbols to win a prize. It's the scroll at 50 to 750 coins.

The whip needs two symbols for a match. It pays 10 to 5,000 coins. It's also a wild symbol and can help form bigger and better wins. Jenny is worth no cash, but she triggers 10 free spins with three symbols, 20 with 4, or 50 with 5. All winnings during free spins rounds are quadrupled.

Three Biplanes Trigger the Bonus Game

Three biplanes trigger the Temple Maze Bonus. Enter the diamond temple and follow cues to get through the different levels of the temple. Keep working as far as you can get without hitting a booby trap. If you do, the bonus ends. Either way, you'll win plenty of cash!

Head off on an adventure with Jenny. Play Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple today.