Tahiti Time Slots

Tahiti Time Slots
Soak up some sun with a fruity cocktail. That's the theme in Tahiti Time slots. Head to a tropical destination and win cash with matching symbols. It's a three-reel slot with bets ranging from a penny to $10 per coin. Risk up to three coins on the line. The maximum bet is $30 per spin.

This is a very easy game to play. The rewards aren't huge, but multipliers in the free spins bonus help boost your winnings. Once you've made your bet, spin the reels. The amount you can win depends on whether you've bet one, two, or three coins. For the highest possible prize, you must wager three coins.

Three Symbols Trigger a Win

Bars are the least valuable symbol. A mix of bars pays 2 (one-coin bet), 4 (two-coin bet), or 6 coins (three-coin bet). Single bars pay 10, 20, or 30 coins. Double bars pay 20, 40, 60 coins. Triple bars pay 30, 60, or 90 coins.

Tropical drinks are next with prizes of 40, 80, or 120 coins. After those are the pineapples at 60, 120, and 180 coins. The best symbol is the tropical flower at 80, 160, and 240. The tropical flower doesn't seem high, but its prizes do grow during the free spins bonus.

Guitars Reward Players With Free Spins

Get two or three guitars on the line and win free spins. You get 5 free spins with two guitars or 20 free spins with all three. You also get a 3x multiplier during all free spins. That 240-coin prize you get with three tropical flowers grows to 720 coins in the free spins, which is not bad at all! You can win $7,200 with the coin valued at $10.

That's all there is to Tahiti Time slots. Find it at many of today's best online casinos. Place your bet, spin the reels, and start winning cash and free spins. Play now.