Wild Safari Slots

Head out into the wilds of Africa playing Wild Safari slots. In this I-slot, the highest possible wager in this safari-themed slot game is $62.50 and that's with the 25-cent coin and 10 coins wagered on each of the 25 paylines. Reels are packed with items you'd take on a safari, but the animations sometimes feature the animals you spot while you're on that adventure.

As you spin the reels, you'll hear realistic sounds of birds tweeting. When there's a winning combination, the symbols in that combination become animated. You might see the rhino chasing the Jeep wild down the road or the can of bug spray release it's protective spray towards you.

Get to Know the Paytable

In Wild Safari slots, the paytable is easy to follow. Generally, you must have three matching symbols on an active line before you'll win a prize. The prizes are:

  • Bug Spray – 4 to 30 coins
  • Flashlight – 6 to 40 coins
  • Knife – 8 to 80 coins
  • Binoculars – 12 to 125 coins
  • Journal – 15 to 250 coins
  • Safari Shirt – 20 to 400 coins
  • Hat – 25 to 800 coins
  • Backpack – 35 to 1,200 coins

The treasure map is the one outlier. Just two matches on a line offer the 5 coin payment. The top prize for this symbol is 5,000 coins.

The Wild Safari Jeep is a wild and it expands to fill the reel. It doesn't have value on its own, but it does help form winning paylines that can lead to substantial prizes if you get four or five symbols in the winning combination.

Bonus Rounds in Wild Safari

The airplane triggers the free spins bonus feature. You get 10, 20, or 50 free spins depending on how many airplanes trigger the bonus. You need at least three planes. With those free spins, your payouts triple.

The camera triggers the other bonus. Three camera symbols take you to another screen for the bonus round. In this bonus game, you pick your photo shoot location. You have five chances to get photos of all four animals in that location. Use the mouse to move around and get the picture in time. Animals move and have to be centered for the picture to count, so it can be tricky to get them all. Each time you return, you can try a new area.

Head off on the adventure of a lifetime. Wild Safari slots may not seem like much, but when you get the photo shoot bonus round, it becomes a challenging slot game. Do well, and you'll win hundreds of dollars. Play today and see how well you do as a photographer.