Jackpot 2000 Slots

When slot machines first hit the scene, there were no special features, no animations, and no storylines that came with them. They were pretty easy to understand and very user friendly. However, over the years this has changed and today’s modern slots can be nearly impossible to grasp. For players who are looking for that classic feel with their slots that they once loved and adored, Jackpot 2000 Slots is a great choice. Players can enjoy traditional classic fruits and bars upon their screen, while trying to win the big jackpot prize. The Jackpot 2000 online slot game comes with five reels and three pay lines and was created by BetSoft gaming group.

Traditional Fruit Symbols Lead To Big Bucks: Jackpot 2000 Slots

Players will be excited to see retro symbols like cherries, lemons, stars, grapes, and others when they log in to play Jackpot 2000 Slots. Wins happen when a player lands three or more of any of the symbols on the reels. Wins are read from left to right on the screen. The pay table is at the top of the screen and is very easy to read and understand, making this an ideal game for beginning players, as well. Beginning players may get very overwhelmed with the complicated modern slots in the industry, but with Jackpot 2000 Slots, there’s no chance of that happening. Instead of being overwhelmed, they can just sit back and enjoy the timeless traditional of slot machines. The game comes with a 2000 coin fixed jackpot, which is a nice addition to this classic slot. Not a lot of classic slots will have the addition of a jackpot, so this gives players the opportunity to play a traditional slot while also having the chance to take home an expected and random upgraded pay out.

Made For Penny Slot Lovers: Jackpot 2000 Slots

For beginners or low rollers, Jackpot 2000 Slots can be played for as little as $0.02 per spin. The maximum a player can wager per spin is $0.50. These perimeters make this slot an ideal game for those who love penny slots or those players who just want to play without worry about losing all of their bankroll.

Overall, Jackpot 2000 Slots is for the player who is looking for a very simple slot, with a jackpot potential. It’s ideal for beginners or those who have an appreciation for traditional online casino games.