Costume Party

Dressing up around Halloween time isn't just for trick-or-treating children. Adults also like to dress up and have costume parties. And this is the theme behind Rival Gaming's Costume Party, which puts a fun slots twist on the idea by having characters switch outfits during spins.

Let's continue discussing this online slot by looking its symbols, theme, unique format, betting options, and special features.

Symbols and Theme

Costume Party opens with a fun introduction video, where a cowboy and knight both show up at a party. Then, mysteriously, their bodies start spinning and they switch outfits. The intro ends when a lady dressed like Wonder Woman walks up to the cowboy, and they switch heads.

The point of this video is to prepare you for the unique theme behind Costume Party, where the party-goers' bodies serve as the reels.

Every time you click spin, the characters whirl around like tornadoes, with heads, legs, and torsos switching during each turn. The goal is to form complete characters on what would normally be a reel; every time you do so, a spotlight shines on the winning character, who does a dance to celebrate.

Symbols/characters in this game include: a (Frankenstein's) monster, witch, astronaut, knight, hero (Wonder Woman), cowboy, nurse, chicken, and a wild icon.

The monster is the highest-paying symbol, offering 5,400 coins when appearing whole. The witch is the second-best symbol, delivering 1,500 coins when appearing whole.

One thing that's impressive about these characters is how big they are and how much detail they offer. Each symbol stands nearly the length of the screen, which makes them feel larger than life.

Betting Options

Rather than featuring paylines like traditional online slots, this game has "characters." Another difference from regular slots is that you form payouts vertically by completing these characters, instead of forming wins going across a line.

You can choose 1-3 characters per spin. Assuming you decide not to play all three, only the active characters will be lit up.

You can also change coin size from $0.01 to $5.00, and put 1-3 coins on each character. This makes the smallest-possible bet worth one cent, and the largest worth $45.00.

Costume Party Slots Special Features and Bonuses

This game doesn't offer any special features like free spins, multipliers, or a second-screen bonus. The closest thing to a feature is the gorilla suit wild symbol, which substitutes for any icon to help form wins.

Considering the highly original format to this game, it's acceptable that they don't offer bonuses. Nevertheless, features would've been the icing on the cake.

Play Costume Party Slots on your Smartphone

If you're looking for a grown-up online slot that's different from anything you've played, then Costume Party is a must-try game. Not only do you get to see fun symbols like the naughty nurse, cool cowboy, and scantily clad witch, but you'll also enjoy the interesting format, which differs from nearly every other game. Additional aspects that we like include the introduction video and wide betting format.

Taking everything into account, Costume Party is one of the few Halloween slots we've tried that is playable any time of the year.