Snow Wonder Slots

Snow Wonder is a three-reel slot game packed with chilly symbols. Your job is to select your wager and spin the reels. Start with the coin value of a penny to $10. Next, bet up to 3 credits on the pay line. The maximum bet is $30. I opted to risk that full $30, and here's what happened over the next 10 spins.

  • Spin 1 - $60 win
  • Spin 2 - $30 win
  • Spin 8 - $30 win
  • Spin 10 - $600 win
That $300 in bets paid $720, and I'm quite happy with a gain of $420. Could you do even better?

Amounts You Can Win

Here's the thing about payouts, the amount you win is dependent on how many credits you bet. The amounts given are all 1 credit/2 credits/3credits.

The game has single, double, and triple bars. Single bars pay 5/10/15 coins, double pay 10/20/30 coins, and triple pay 15/30/45 coins. If you get a mix of bars, you'll win 2/4/6 coins.

You also have 7s in Snow Wonder. Green 7s pay 20/40/60 coins. Red 7s pay 30/60/90 coins. Finally, the silver 7s pay 75/150/225 coins. A mix of 7s pays 5/10/15 coins.

From here you have pine cones, bells, and holly. Pine cones pay 1/2/3 coins when one appears on the line. Two pine cones on the line pay 3/6/9 coins. If you're lucky enough to fill the line with pine cones, you'll win 150/300/450 coins. The holly is worth the most at 750/1,500/2,500 coins.

Playing the Game

It all starts with your wager. Once you've decided on that, spin the reels or turn on autoplay to have the computer spin for you. You have the option to turn off the music if you want, though the jingle bells that partner with your spin do get you feeling rather Christmas-y. What's most important is that you give Snow Wonder slots throughout the year to win cash without much effort.