Hidden Loot Slots

Betsoft is known for their fun and exciting themed online slot games and they’ve delivered once again with Hidden Loot Slots. This three reel, three pay line online slot game offers players the chance to dive into the life of a pirate. Players go on a hunt for hidden treasure and Captain Peg Leg in Hidden Loot Slots. Captain Peg Leg may be a gnarly pirate, but he’s friendly to the players, as he needs their assistance in finding the hidden loot.

Traditional Play With Added Perks: Hidden Loot Slots

While the format of Hidden Loot Slots is quite traditional, with three reels and three paylines, it’s still quite exciting. There is a five coin maximum wager, which can cause higher rolling players to feel limited. The game’s sequence is a bit unique, with the bottom reel spinning first, the middle reel spinning second, and finally the top reel spinning. There are times when the player will have the chance to hold one or two symbols on the bottom reel, as well.

Help From The Friendly Pirate Symbols: Hidden Loot Slots

Hidden Loot Slots has a wealth of pirate and treasure themed symbols that help players get into the theme of the game. The Captain Peg Leg symbol is the game’s Wild, while other symbols like a pirate ship, a skull, swords, jewels, topaz, sapphire, and rubies are also seen on the reels. The graphics are nicely done, giving players something to admire visually while they try to spin their way toward more cash.

Players can win if they match three symbols on the reels. The Captain Peg Leg symbol is the highest paying, with three giving a player a pay out of 250 coins. The pirate ship symbols will pay out 100 coins and the treasure chests will pay out 50 coins. Lower paying symbols like the jewels will pay out between 5 and 15 coins, when three are landed.

Hidden Loot Bonus Feature Brings Even More Thrills

While still traditional in nature, Hidden Loot Slots does come with a bonus feature. The bonus feature is one of the more thrilling features offered in games today. When a player lands three Hidden Loot symbols on any pay line, this feature is triggered. Players are then taken to a screen that shows a beach scene. Players will be taken through tunnels that they will have to navigate through with their keyboard, to find hidden treasures. There is a time limit with this bonus round, which adds to the thrilling experience. Players collect jewels, however if they are caught by any of the pirates, the jewels will be returned to their original location and players will have to trek back to gather them again. This amazing bonus round comes with three levels and is a great way to really pad a player’s bank roll.