Invaders Slots

That would surely be the big question we would all ask if our planet was invaded. There are a few slot games that use the word invaders in their titles, and they all relate to aliens. This one does, too, but will it prove to be the best of them all?

Reels and win lines

Betsoft has developed this game to give us a five-reel, 20-line combination.

Coins to consider using

Expect to bet from two cents to 50 cents on each line of this game. If you wish, up to five coins are playable per line.

Invaders icons to look for

There is a wild involved in the game, shown as a newspaper announcing the invasion of aliens on the front page.

Meanwhile, an odd symbol shows an Initiate screen. Not so odd though, since it can award a multiplier of at least 6x and possibly up to 50x whenever it appears on any active line. One alone is no good though – you need three to trigger the feature. The multiplier shown on each screen is then added together to produce the total multiplier on your wager for that spin.

Are there special features involved?

A house can show up on the reels, complete with an alien ship hovering over it. Should this occur three times in a spin, the bonus will begin. If more than three ships trigger the feature, your instant credit prize will be greater than it would otherwise have been.

Your task is to steal some gold from that little house. As you might expect, the task is not easy, but the more gold you manage to find, the better the outcome will be when your final credit prize is granted.

Prepare to play the Invaders slot today

It is a shame to find there is no autoplay feature included here, which means you will need to enjoy the game manually throughout. That said, Invaders is a great game to try out and it has a demo that features all the elements we have mentioned above. There are better slots you could pick from the Betsoft collection, but this is not one of the newest entries to that area. You can see, though, how the developers have progressed from these stages. There are signs of the great developments that were yet to come when Betsoft released this one.