House of Fun Slots

A House of Fun sounds as though it is going to provide us with an entertaining experience. However, this is the type of fun house you might see in a fun fair. Not so much fun as filled with scares! Yes, this would be a suitable slot for Halloween night, so let that be a warning to you…

Dare you allow Betsoft to show you what lies within the strange rooms of this house?

Reels and pay lines

Five reels and 30 lines - that is the format adopted for this game.

Coins to consider using

The smallest bet to cover all the lines is 60 cents, with two cents on each one. If you wish to wager more you can, with the maximum total bet reaching $150.

House of Fun icons to look for

What would you say if we revealed there was no wild in this game? You might have spotted other Betsoft games without them too. If so, you might realize there is much more to come instead.

Are there special features involved?

A madman may appear over the first three reels. If so, items will appear, and you can select them until you are told to collect whatever you have secured to that point in the game.

Meanwhile, the jack in the box is the key to netting some free spins. At least three are required to make this happen. The freebies include a wild middle reel, so that is worth watching.

The game also includes a bonus that takes place on a second screen. You will see five doors within the House of Fun, all leading to… well, what do you think? It turns out four doors reveal instant credits, while the fifth door leads you to the exit. You will want to avoid the exit for as long as you can.

Prepare to play the House of Fun slot today

With a madman, a jack in the box, and many other strange characters to meet, the House of Fun does make for an engaging experience. The 3D element of the game makes it far better than it would otherwise be. Whenever a successful combination is found, a small scene plays out showing that item or character in action. It is a fine way to make the best of a theme that has lots of potential.