Jackpot Jamba Slots

We can tell you this is the name of a slot game from Betsoft. We all know what a jackpot involves, so we assume there might be one available here too. But what about the jamba part of the title? Perhaps a closer look will reveal some clues.

We can reveal the game is an earlier attempt to create a great slot from this developer, so it will look very different from their more recent efforts. However, the Jackpot Jamba slot is still worth exploring in more detail, which is what we have done here.

Reels and win lines

Even though we get five reels in this game, we only find nine lines in play.

Coins to consider using

One coin can be wagered per line, reaching a value of between two and 50 cents each time.

Jackpot Jamba icons to look for

Most logos in slot games represent the games themselves. Not so here, though. Instead, the logo in action says Party 7 and it is a wild symbol. That is good to know. The wild is good for substituting everything else that could appear. There are no exceptions to this either, since the game doesn’t bother with a scatter symbol.

Are there special features involved?

We know the wild can help form lines that would lead to prizes. However, it can unlock a bonus as well. Five wilds must appear in one spin to reach it. You can then select one balloon to find out what you have uncovered. Each balloon will reveal some instant credits, but since they all hide different amounts, it remains to be seen what you might secure from this feature.

It is an interesting bonus – a quick one to play for sure – but it does add some depth to a basic game. If you are in the mood to try something that doesn’t involve any freebies, this might be worth considering.

Prepare to play the Jackpot Jamba slot today

Jackpot Jamba is a nice game to try, and yes, although we haven’t mentioned it yet, the game does include a progressive jackpot. That bears out that part of the title, and it looks as if we have a party theme to enjoy here too. With a chance to appreciate an earlier slot from Betsoft here, Jackpot Jamba provides something of a look into the past. Will you like what you see there?