The Exterminator Slots

We all know what an exterminator does. His job is to get rid of vermin and other critters that might find their way into our homes. No one wants critters to deal with, hence why we call in the exterminator.

The guy in this slot seems ready for the task, but what might show up on these reels, we wonder?

Reels and pay lines

No doubt you have played some five-reel, 30-line games before. If so, you will not be surprised to see yet another example of one here.

Coins to consider using

Two cents are enough to place on each line in play. You can go higher if you want to, while also increasing the number of coins per line to five at most.

The Exterminator icons to look for

Watch out for a truck to appear. This is the wild and it will transform the reel it appears on into a wild reel if it drives into position. You might therefore scoop more coins from its presence than if it was a regular wild.

Sticky wins are also included in the game. Whenever a winning combo is found, the icons in that combo remain in position while all others respin. That means a better combo could be found for a second prize if you’re fortunate.

Are there special features involved?

If five footprints appear in one spin, get ready for the Great Raccoon Chase! This bonus brings some freebies to spin, so that is good to know.

While we have footprints to look for, we should also look out for blueprints. Five of these are needed to trigger the bonus connected to them. Try and find the raccoon if you can – that’s your task here if you want to get some more coins for your efforts.

Prepare to play The Exterminator slot today

The Exterminator was always going to feature some critters, and it would seem the raccoon is the main enemy of the guy who has come to flush him out. We’re not sure whether he will succeed or not, but it is great fun watching what happens as the game progresses. Make sure you watch closely on each spin, because those sticky wins do make life more interesting. Will you manage to get the help of the exterminator to pull together some interesting combos on the reels of this game?