Frog Hunter Slots

Hunt frogs, perhaps? We are about to find out as we delve deeper into this title from Betsoft. They can always be relied on to deliver some entertaining slot games, and we can’t say we’ve spotted many frogs leaping into action in other slots. Maybe this one will deliver a froggy theme we will want to try over and again?

Reels and pay lines

Five reels and… five paylines? That is not a common format, but it is the one we will see in action here.

Coins to consider using

You can begin with two cents on each of those lines, delivering a 10-cent bet to cover the lot. The biggest coin value is bigger than usual given the smaller quantity of lines, maxing out at $5 a go.

Frog Hunter icons to look for

Dragonflies appear quite often around ponds, and we can see one in this game as well. In this case, it will trigger a prize if it shows up to the immediate right of the frog or the immediate left of the female frog. The prize for this would be 2x or 3x the amount you wagered on that spin.

This feature is good to look for as the game dispenses with the idea of using a wild or scatter symbol. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty more yet to come.

Are there special features involved?

Do you want to play the Water Lily Bonus? Three water lilies are required to appear over three adjacent reels to secure this one. The frog wants to cross the pond using the lily pads and you must choose a route for him to navigate. You must jump ahead on each attempt, with row three of the lily pads presenting a real challenge for you. One of the pads is hiding a crocodile, and you won’t want to meet that!

Prepare to play the Frog Hunter slot today

Frog Hunter has some different elements in action that we think you will like. The dragonfly bonus is good to see as it could appear on any spin. It has an unusual trigger too. The bonus feature proper is also entertaining, with a chance to scoop some coins if froggy makes it across the pond safely. Will you pick the right lily pads for him to hop over to each time? It is certainly good to find out the answer.