Birds! Slots

Don’t worry though, there might be loads of birds in this funky slot from Betsoft, but they aren’t birds of prey. You won’t be in any danger when they arrive, and they are sure to do just that as you get started.

If you love games with 3D graphics, Birds! is a nice one that throws in some good colors too. Let’s see whether you could fly towards some prizes if you play.

Reels and pay lines

You might be forgiven for thinking there are no reels in this slot. That’s because there are three rows that each sit on top of a telegraph wire. However, when the birds fly into position, you will see the game uses a 5 x 3 format. There are chain reaction wins to shoot for as well, which will operate over 25 lines.

Coins to consider using

Each of those 25 lines can take up to five coins, worth between two cents and one dollar each.

Birds icons to look for

There is one special icon to note here, and that is shown as the most colorful bird in the game. This is the wild and it is powerful enough to replace every other bird you might see.

Are there special features involved?

The left of the screen shows a flight meter. This is the key to garnering some free flights (normally known as free spins). You must fill the meter to the top to trigger these free flights.

Four, five, or six of the flights will bring you eight, 12, or 20 rounds to play. Confused? We would suggest you try the game demo prior to playing the real version. This should enable you to trigger the flights so you can see how they work. It’s possible to trigger it with seven flights too, in which case you would secure 14 rounds along with the number of triggering flights added on.

Since more flights can be won while playing, you could keep going for a while if things fall in your favor.

Prepare to play the Birds slot today

If you are tired of watching reels spin, you can try this game today to make a refreshing change. The birds are flying, and they could be flying into combinations that prove profitable for you. Will you watch out for the multi-colored bird as you get started with this game?