The Curious Machine Slots

Curious is a great word, and when we heard about a Curious Machine featuring in this slot from Betsoft, we knew we had to look at it more closely. The game is based on a character called Miles Bellhouse, and he has a cute assistant called Gizmo too. Turns out the machine can travel through time, so where might we end up if we play?

Reels and pay lines

You can play on 30 lines arranged over the usual five reels in this game.

Coins to consider using

You can start with two cents per coin and consider raising this to as much as a dollar per coin, while also betting up to five coins on each line.

The Curious Machine icons to look for

A wild vortex can appear in the game. It can spin and change the symbols next to it, which means that even if the wild doesn’t directly contribute to a prize, it could alter symbols elsewhere to get the same result.

If you cover all the lines during play, the Reel Rewind feature may randomly trigger. If this should occur, a reel will reverse once all reels have stopped, and this could potentially garner a prize for you.

The scatter is a dinosaur, and this is connected to some free games.

Are there special features involved?

That dinosaur must stomp into view three, four, or five times to create a prize. This would come in the guise of some free games. Each prize receives a random multiplier of between 1x and 5x, so that makes things more interesting.

If you find three control panels in the same spin, you will Travel Through Time. Trouble is, the General is after the time machine and you must do all you can to prevent him from stealing it. The better you do in this feature, the greater your reward could be when you reach the end.

Prepare to play The Curious Machine slot today

Traveling through time is something we have done in a few other slots. However, Miles and Gizmo are great characters to meet in this game, and the Curious Machine is good fun too. With numerous features to watch out for whenever you spin the reels, you never know where the game will take you next. We guess that makes sense when you’re getting involved with time travel!