Crazy Camel Cash

Crazy Camel Cash Slots

If you're looking for a 3-reel online slot that offers more than just your usual 7, cherry, and star symbols, then Crazy Camel Cash is worth a look. This single pay line game takes you deep into the desert, where you'll find palm trees, sand dunes, sheikhs, and camels.

What else can you expect from Crazy Camel Cash? Let's find out by discussing its symbols, betting options, and special features.

Symbols and Theme

Symbols include: the camel (wild), trophy, sheikh, palm tree, triple BAR, double BAR, and a single BAR.

The camel is wild and substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. This is also the only symbol that can form wins by itself. All other symbols must appear 3 times in a pay line to successfully form a payout.

The camel wild is also the highest-paying symbol, offering 2,000 coins when it appears 3 or more times in a pay line.

As for the theme, you'll see a big pyramid in the background along with palm trees and the bright sun. Most importantly, you'll also see a well-decorated camel running in the foreground. Everything with the graphics suggests a fun and colorful game where entertainment is the sole purpose.

Betting Options

For a 3-reel, single pay line slot, Crazy Camel Cash offers a nice variety of betting options.

You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $10.00 and put between 1 and 3 coins on the pay line. This makes the minimum bet worth one cent and the max wager worth $30.00 per spin.

Please note that it's best to wager at least 3 coins-no matter the size-because this is the only way to get the top 95% payback. The reason why is because there's a disproportionate jump in the 3-symbol camel payout when you bet 3 credits (2,000 coins), versus 2 credits (1,000 coins) or 1 credit (500 coins).

Crazy Camel Cash Special Features and Bonuses

In addition to being the wild symbol, the camel also multiplies wins 3x when appearing twice in a winning combination.

To give an example, let's look at the trophy, which normally pays 450 coins when it appears 3 times in a pay line. If you instead land a trophy and two camels, you'd receive 1,350 coins (450 x 3).

The camel multiplier is unfortunately the only special feature in this game. But then again, most 3-reel slots don't even have this.

Final Thoughts on Crazy Camel Cash Slots

Many slots players are tired of the classic 3-reel, single pay line games that offer bland graphics and cliche symbols. But the good news with Crazy Camel Cash is that you get unique symbols, colorful graphics, and a multiplier.

This still won't be enough to appease those who want the latest and most-detailed 3D slots. But anybody who enjoys classic online slots with a twist will have fun playing Crazy Camel Cash.