Rise of the Dragon Slots

Rise of the Dragon is probably not one of the better-known slots to make it into the vast Betsoft collection. While some of their titles have hit the big time, many players would struggle to name this one.

It isn’t to do with dragons either. Instead, it focuses on martial arts, although there is a link to a dragon in the game as you will see.

Reels and pay lines

This 3D slot uses five reels and 15 paylines to invite us in.

Coins to consider using

The game is like many others in the Betsoft collection in that it has a pleasing selection of coins to choose from. Whether you bet cents or dollars on each spin, you are sure to find an appropriate amount of coins to wager on each one here.

Rise of the Dragon icons to look for

Expect lots of icons relating to the theme in action here. A sword might be spotted in the grass. Elsewhere, a Bonsai tree can be seen, as could a bright and colorful bird.

A man and a woman appear in this game too. The woman is Hana, whose father seems to have been taken by her enemy. This man is called Sato, and you may witness the two sworn enemies facing each other in a mighty battle as you play. What could the outcome of this be, we wonder?

Are there special features involved?

There is very little online relating to this game at present. We have witnessed an opening video, suggesting there could potentially be a bonus or two involved. However, while some Betsoft games are widely available, this one doesn’t seem to be. So, perhaps you will unearth it and spot some special features in action if you get to try the Rise of the Dragon.

Prepare to play the Rise of the Dragon slot today

Martial arts and dragons are rarely thrown together. This game does seem to do this, yet it does not make itself easy to find. Martial arts have been used as a theme in the past, although there are not that many examples of it in action. Will you get the better of Rise of the Dragon if you find it, load it, and give it a shot today? We would be interested to hear your progress if you do get started with a spin or two.