4 Seasons Slots

What comes to mind when you think about the four seasons of the year? Our first thought was the changing weather conditions we can expect in each one. However, that is not what greets us here. Instead, we are treated to a game based around the Chinese zodiac. Betsoft also provides a chance to scoop up to 750,000 coins during play. We doubt that will occur, but you never know…

Reels and pay lines

Five reels are common enough in slots and they appear in 4 Seasons as well. We also get 30 lines to place bets on.

Coins to consider using

Your coin could be worth anything from two cents to a dollar a time. The game also permits up to five coins per line.

4 Seasons icons to look for

Did you spot a wheel in the bottom corner as the game loaded? If so, that is the golden animal wheel. An animal is randomly chosen to start with. After each set of 30 spins, another animal is chosen. The gold animal is worth 10x the usual prize. There is a silver one too, which garners 5x the usual sum. Two further animals will be chosen to deliver 2x the usual prizes if they are involved too.

The game also features a wild symbol such as a golden cat. Five of these appearing on a paid line would bring you 1,000 coins. Only the scatter, shown in the game as the famous yin yang symbol, cannot be substituted by the wild cat.

Are there special features involved?

Block wins are possible in 4 Seasons. The idea is that you can get a block combo to trigger larger multipliers to boost prizes.

Aside from that, there are free spins to be won if you manage to find three, four, or five of the yin yang scatters. These amounts would bring you eight, 12, or 20 free games to play.

Prepare to play the 4 Seasons slot today

4 Seasons is a charming slot with bags of character. We love the changing animals after every 30 spins, as they make things more interesting. It ties in with the changing seasons idea too.

With block combos, wilds, scatters, and some free games to try and scoop as well, 4 Seasons might just bring four times the usual entertainment to this set of reels.