The Bees Slots

We can only hope, and while bees aren’t that common a sight in slot games, they take center stage in this one. If your only experience with a bee is having been stung by it, this game might prove to be more promising than that. Shall we see what is on the reels of this game?

Reels and pay lines

This is a five-reel game, as is obvious when you load it. However, you will get a smaller number of lines than you might expect, with just nine to bet on.

Coins to consider using

You can get started with a two-cent coin on each line. If you increase that to the largest amount, you would play with a total bet of $150 in action.

The Bees icons to look for

Two bees appear alongside a tree in this game. This image is the substitute, buzzing into play with a WILD label on it. There is only one symbol the bees cannot replace for you, and that is the honeypot.

Are there special features involved?

Most bonuses in slot games require three or more appearances of the same symbol. However, this one requires three symbols to appear in the exact order on the middle three reels. The male bee must show up on the second reel, with the game logo on the third reel and the female bee on the fourth reel. If you achieve that, the bonus begins.

This is a big and unusual bonus, too. The first task is to pick as many flowers as you can. It will start to rain too, and you must collect as many raindrops as you can. Each drop you capture will award a swap icon. You will keep these to use in the base game when you return there. All the flowers you collect will earn prizes.

If you are unlucky and you get stung by a bee, you may eventually end the round. However, there is some spray around if you can find it, and this helps protect you against the sting of those stings!

Prepare to play The Bees slot today

The popularity of this slot hangs on that bonus. We love this one, and while there are no freebies to get here, the bonus is one of the most unusual and refreshing ones we have ever tried.