Triple Crown Slots

Not many of today’s traditionally designed online slots come with the opportunity to win 5000 coins, but Triple Crown Slots certainly does. This 3 reel, 1 pay line online slot game was designed by BetSoft to give players the classic feel of retro slots, without compromising winning potential. The game comes with a slight Arabian Night theme, but it isn’t overwhelming in any way. While it doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, it does give players a simplicity that will only help them to boost their winning capabilities.

Choose Coin Size Options Wisely In Triple Crown Slots

While it may seem like coin size options shouldn’t be a big deal when it comes to a slot game that is as simple in design as Triple Crown Slots, players must understand the benefits of choosing their wagers wisely. There is only one pay line in Triple Crown Slots, so the more players wager on that line, the higher their potential pay outs can be. Players can choose a coin value for as little as $0.02 upon the line or as much as $3.00. The player also has the option to wager from one to three coins per spin. There is a “max bet” button for players who want to go all-in on every spin, without giving it extra thought, as well.

No Bonuses Or Features, But High Profitability: Triple Crown Slots

One thing many players don’t understand is that it’s very possible to win bigger and better prizes when playing a simple slot, as opposed to a flashier slot with confusing features and bonuses. In fact, although Triple Crown Slots doesn’t have wilds, scatters, or bonuses, there is a nice maximum pay out potential of $5000. Of course, a player would have to wager three coins on the pay line (at the maximum coin value amount) in order to be eligible for this prize. So, keep that in mind when making your wagers. For this jackpot to be triggered, players must land three Triple Crown logos on the pay line.

Retro Symbols With A Twist Of Theme: Triple Crown Slots

Considering it’s a classic traditional online slot game, it would be silly to think the symbols of the game would be much less than retro. Of course, this classic game does come with a slight theme, so there are a few random themed symbols thrown into the mix. Players will find symbols that include the single double bar, the double bar, the triple bar, the Triple Crown logo, the Sheikh’s palace, and magic lamps.

All in all, Triple Crown Slots is an ideal game for those who love the classics and who would like to win a nice, solid jackpot amount. The game is very user friendly and also great for those who are new to the online slot gaming world.