Diamond Dreams Slots

Diamond Dreams Slots
Today’s online slots are mostly full of an extreme amount of pay lines and reels, often leading to confusion and complications for players who prefer simpler online casino games. Many of the games come with a lot of bells and whistles which can be a lot of fun for modern players who prefer the high stimulation, but for the players who like traditional formats, it can be overwhelming. Thus, Diamond Dreams Slots is a welcomed addition to the online slot industry. This classic slot comes with three reels and five pay lines, with a format that is extremely simple for any player to follow.

From the moment the game loads, players will instantly feel the retro format of Diamond Dreams Slots, taking them right back to the vintage days of casino games. Not only will players who enjoy retro slots appreciate Diamond Dreams, but also new players who are just venturing into the world of online slot gaming.

Diamond Dreams Slots: Coin Sizes & Classic Symbols

Players of all budget sizes will enjoy the coin size options that range from $0.01 to $5.00. Thus, players are permitted to bet up to $25 per spin. This allows players who want to place low bets the ability to do so, or those who like to wager a bit more, to also be satisfied.

When it comes to the symbols of Diamond Dreams Slots, retro is still the theme. Players can enjoy symbols that include cherries, BAR symbols and more. The game does come with a Wild symbol, which is a bit more modern, but it usually a very welcomed addition by players. The Diamond Dreams Slot wild symbol is the horseshoe symbol. The game also has a Scatter symbol, which again is quite modern. The game’s Scatter symbol is the diamond icon. The game also comes with other fruit symbols.

Jackpot Symbol Means High Payouts: Diamond Dreams Slots

In order for a winning pay out to be made, a player must land three of the same symbol, or a combination that includes Wilds. The game does also come with a jackpot symbol, which is a bell. The bell symbol gives the player a 200x multiplier if the player is lucky enough to land three of them on a pay line.

Although the format is simple and extremely easy to follow, Diamond Dreams Slots comes with a cool classic theme and the potential for high payouts.