Sherwood Forest Fortunes Slots

We are heading to Sherwood Forest for this game. Even if you're unsure where that is (it's in the UK), you don't need to be good at geography to know what lies in store for you here… since it is associated with Robin Hood.

Rival Gaming has developed this slot and it has done a fine job of it too. There are familiar characters here of course, but what else can we expect to learn if we give it a try?

How many reels and win lines are there?

There are five large reels in place for this game, which means you can bet on 20 lines when you decide to play.

Which coins can you use to place bets?

The smallest coin is only worth a cent, so you can start there, progressing through larger coins to make bigger bets if you want to. There is a chance to wager up to 10 coins on each line as well.

Does Sherwood Forest Fortunes have special icons in play?

Robin Hood was always going to appear in this game, and he does so very usefully as the substitute. He can appear in stacked form on the first, third, and fifth reels of the game.

There are two scatters in action as well - double the amount in normal slots. One appears as Maid Marian, while the other is shown as a quiver full of arrows.

What about bonus features?

If Maid Marian appears at least three times, you will win five, 10, or 25 free games. Five are awarded for three of the scatters, and so on. Everything won here is worth 3x the normal value.

If you can locate the quiver with its arrows three or more times, you will play the bonus for Sherwood Forest Fortunes. You must select one of the scarecrows shown, so that Robin can fire an arrow at it. You will win something for the spot selected on that scarecrow. There are other elements coming in the bonus as well on subsequent triggers, since this is an i-Slots game. This means Rival has built a storyline into the slot itself.

Sherwood Forest Fortunes is available to download and play now

Sherwood Forest is filled with drama and intrigue, so will you search for some prizes by going there today? Robin and Maid Marian may just assist you too.