Double Sixteen Slots

That is the big question here, since it would certainly lead us to suspect the number 16 factors into things somewhere. Who knows where that will be? We do, as we have played the game already and we are going to review it for you right here. Check out the game from Betsoft now but read our review of it first.

How many reels and win lines are there?

You get two reel sets in action, each covering a 4x4 space. You will see 16 symbols spinning into view on each one, hence the title. And of course, the double part makes sense now too, since there are two sets of reels. That means you get 32 lines across them both if all are counted.

Which coins can you use to place bets?

You must choose how many credits to play per spin. This could be between five and 40 of them. Your credit bet adjusts the paylines you play on. Five credits cover four paylines, while the maximum bet means you cover the lot.

Does Double Sixteen have special icons in play?

With all those reels in this game, you would be forgiven for expecting a wild to appear. However, you won't see one. There isn't a scatter here either, so you are restricted to trying to create wins on your own. That could be more challenging than you think, but you never know where luck may come in.

What about bonus features?

There are none - it's as simple as that. Betsoft has developed this slot to be a different - bigger - version of a standard three-reel game in that sense. No bonuses, no wilds or scatters, and only the regular game to play. It is an unusual one, but it may not have enough in hand to tempt many people to play. Will you?

Double Sixteen is available to download and play now

Double Sixteen is pleasant enough if you tend to prefer the regular slots and don't like too many bonuses cluttering up the scene. However, if you always go for games with special features and icons, and lots of bonus possibilities, this is not the one for you. Check out the many other games from Betsoft instead - there are plenty to choose from, that's for sure. Double Sixteen may just pass an idle moment or two for you though - you never know.