Ogre Empire Slots

An empire filled with ogres… forgive us for being negative, but that doesn't sound like a cool place to be, does it? There is a huge ogre taking up a huge portion of the screen in Ogre Empire, but he does often nod off. This is a key part of the game too, so read on to find out whether that ogre might be useful after all.

How many reels and win lines are there?

Nothing to see here - just five reels with 25 lines built into them.

Which coins can you use to place bets?

From a penny to a dollar on every line, there are some familiar coins in use for you here.

Does Ogre Empire have special icons in play?

It is daytime when the game begins - known as Day Mode for our purposes. This is where the Sun Bloom flower will appear as a wild. Adjacent symbols to this also turn into wilds whenever it pops up. The Day Mode also features an Ogre Smash, triggered at random, to get rid of existing symbols and introduce new ones for another chance to win prizes.

When the moon rises on the reels, you switch to Night Mode. The ogre will nod off, so you don't need to worry about him. The Night Bloom flower appears now, also a wild, and this can help you in winning prizes. Watch out for the A icon on the middle three reels, as it may appear with a joker behind it. If so, a 2x wild multiplier comes into play for prize-winning possibilities.

When the sun rises completely over the third reel, you'll see the game switch to Day Mode again. Aside from the wilds that are specific to the modes, you get another wild that appears in both.

What about bonus features?

There are no respins or free spins here - all the special elements feature in the Day and Night modes as described above. That means you don't need to trigger anything to benefit from them. Cool!

Ogre Empire is available to download and play now

Ogre Empire puts a different spin on a slot game once again - something the creator, Betsoft, is very good at. This is one of the newest titles in their collection, and there are plenty more there as well. With many features to watch out for in this game, Ogre Empire is well worth trying.