Plunk-Oh Slots

Game shows have long been a hit with TV audiences. And they've proven just as popular with online slots players too. Plunk-Oh seeks to capitalize on this popularity with a game show slot that has a classic feel.

Is this 3-reel, 5-payline game worth being a contestant for? Find out as we cover everything that Plunk-Oh offers in terms of atmosphere, symbols, special features, and betting options.

Atmosphere and Symbols

Plunk-Oh slots takes you back to the golden era of game shows, where grand music, big prizes, and flashing lights created quite a spectacle. You can see these same qualities in certain modern game shows like The Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune.

Plunk-Oh falls in line with these legendary shows by featuring flashing lights on the outside of the reels, stage lights in the background, a catchy tune, and the game title flanked by stars at the top. A beautiful hostess also steps out randomly to cheer on your wins.

The symbols (a.k.a. prizes) are another aspect that does a good job of embodying the game show vibe. You'll see a gold ring, motorcycle, yacht, vacation plans, cash, sports car, gold watch, and wild symbol on the reels. The wild symbol substitutes for any other icon to form wins.

Plunk-Oh Special Features - Triple Your Payouts

In addition to substituting for other symbols to form winning payouts, the wild icon also serves as a 3x multiplier. For example, getting two motorcycles with a 3x wild icon increases the standard payout from 15 coins to 45 coins.

The wild icon itself delivers the game's highest payout at 450 coins for three symbols. That said, you have multiple reasons to hope for the wild symbol while you're playing.

Unfortunately, this game doesn't have a bonus round or any other special features. But then again, not many 3-reelers do.

Format and Betting

You can change a number of betting options in Plunk-Oh, including the coin size, number of paylines, and coins per line.

Coin size can be adjusted from $0.01 to $5.00, coins per line can be changed from 1-3, and the paylines can be adjusted from 1-5. All things considered, the betting range goes from one cent to $75.00 per spin.

Play Plunk-Oh Slots on Your Smartphone or Tablet

While Plunk-Oh may feel like a game show from decades past, this slot is perfectly modern in terms of the platforms that it's available through. You can play this game on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We believe that it's ultimately worth giving Plunk-Oh a try if you're into game show slots. This slot offers a good atmosphere that really makes it feel like you've stepped onto a TV set. We also like the prize symbols along with the 3x wild multiplier.

The only major downside to this game is the absence of a second-screen bonus round. But if you're mainly about the atmosphere, then Plunk-Oh slots is definitely worth trying.