A Night in Paris Slots

If you were to spend a real night in this famous city, you might visit museums and go to famous locations to make the most of the sights. You will spot a museum in this entertaining slot game from Betsoft too, but you will see it at night. Protected by a security guard, it looks as if a thief is determined to take out what he can. Will he succeed in his task or is there more to expect from this game?

Reels and win lines

Five reels are presented for us to spin as the game begins. The paylines reach a maximum of 30.

Coins to consider using

Many Betsoft games use a two-cent coin as the cheapest option. This one does too. It also provides other coins ranging up to a dollar each. You also have the chance to bet between one and five coins on each line.

A Night in Paris icons to look for

The game dispenses with the usual wilds and scatters. We do see other features here though, so don’t worry. For example, the thief and the guard can appear on the reels. If this occurs and the security badge pops up in between them, on three consecutive reels over lines one, two, or three, an instant prize is granted.

Are there special features involved?

That security guard badge is good for unlocking the Chase Free Spins bonus. You must find three badges for this to be triggered.

Meanwhile, another bonus feature will be unlocked if three paintings appear over the reels. Caught in the Museum will see the thief trying to avoid being caught by the security guard. It is a great scene played out in 3D, with you making some decisions to see if you can find any instant prizes.

Prepare to play the A Night in Paris slot today

A Night in Paris is one of the best examples of how good a 3D slot can be when Betsoft is behind its creation. Their graphics are as sharp as ever, and the cartoon guard and thief make for an entertaining pair. Will one manage to get the better of the other, and what will that mean for you?

Whatever happens, this game provides ample entertainment to enjoy. Make sure you try it and see if the thief does manage to sneak out with any spoils…