The Slotfather: Part II Slots

Themed after the Godfather movies, the SlotFather Part IIis a sequel to the original themed video slot. The game packs in vibrant graphics of detectives, gangsters, late-night poker games, mysterious trucks and more that help to create the feeling of mystery and menace. It’s all these careful elements that come together to create an interesting wagering experience that’s a lot of fun to play around with. Below we review the SlotFather II game and all the features that it offers your everyday gambler. Keep reading to learn if the slot is worth your time or not.

Developed by Betsoft

Most people are familiar with BetSoft. They’re a premier software development company for casino games and supply games for casinos all around the world. Winner of many Game of the Year titles, the developer offers games that are fun to play around with and games with unique themes and exciting features. If you’re after unique slots with memorable wagering experiences, you’ll love the way it feels to play BetSoft games like the SlotFather Part II.

Test the Game For Free

Interested in trying out the SlotFather Part II to see how smoothly it runs and how the different features work? You can do that easily right on the BetSoft website or by visiting one of the many casinos that offers BetSoft games. Visit the location of the different games and click on the slot game to load it up and start playing around with it. In just a few minutes it’s possible to open up the slot, get it running and to test out the different features that it offers you.

A Gangster Theme

The SlotFather Part II has a mobster feel to it with mystery, interesting villains, rugged detectives and all the mysterious settings that we’ve come to expect from crime novels or films. The game takes place in back alleys and it brings together questionable characters to keep things interesting. If you like the gangster theme, you’ll really enjoy how the SlotFather sequel looks and feels to play around with.

Attractive and Complex

This slot game is attractive to look at and it takes some time to figure out as well. Some of the symbols come stacked, while others are a single space tall, and it’s unclear what most of the different symbols do. After starting up a round of the slot it’s a good idea to go through the paytable to figure out exactly how the different features work. Gamblers that want a slot they can pick up and start playing immediately may get frustrated with the game, but others that like mystery and a good blend of features will enjoy their time with the slot.

A Video Slot Game with Grit

This slot is a simple video slot with a good mix of bonus features to unlock and to play around with. Gamblers that start wagering on this slot have a chance to unlock a you-pick bonus round, several different re-spins and also free spin bonuses. There are scatters and stacked symbols, but no progressive jackpots to worry about.

243 Ways to Win

There are no actual paylines in the SlotFather Part II. This slot game uses a cluster design instead to reward prize payouts to the players. That makes wagering simpler, while still maintaining a simple prize payout system as well. With a quick look at the pay table it’s easy to see how prize payouts can be unlocked with this slot game.

Many Betting Options

It’s possible to wager between $0.01 and $125.00 per spin depending on the settings that you have in place while you play this slot game. You can adjust these settings by changing up the value of coin that you are laying down and also the bet level that you want for each of the available lines. By changing up these settings you can get plenty of exciting options to work with, and a wager that you’re comfortable with no matter what sort of gambler you are.

A Pay Table Rich with Features

The SlotFather Part II pay table comes with six standard prize payouts, including the gangster payout worth 1,500 coins, and it also has information about scatters, the different gangster wilds and special feature symbols and all the bonus rounds and free spin rounds. After accounting for all these special features and symbols the slot game becomes quite confusing to comprehend and takes time to figure out.

The Gangster Bonus Feature

There are three different gangster symbols, each of them can come stacked or not. Getting two stacked versions of the same gangster on two separate reels at once will unlock a re-spin to give you a chance to unlock the gangster bonus feature. Getting all three of the same gangster on three paylines will trigger the gangster bonus. In this bonus feature you select folders to unlock instant prize payouts. When you open the folder with the “Collect” symbol you collect all the money that you’ve accrued during the round and the bonus feature is finished.

Truck Scatter Free Spins

The truck symbol serves as a scatter when you play this slot game and there are three different prize combinations that result in free spins as well. Getting as few as three of the truck symbols anywhere on the reels is enough to trigger the free spin bonus. You’ll get 8 free spins for three of the trucks, 12 free spins for four trucks and 20 free spins for five of the trucks. These symbol combinations also result in an instant prize payout worth between 375 and 1,250 coins depending on how many symbols you have. During the free spin round any prizes that you win are doubled in size. Not only that, but you’ll receive a suitcase symbol that will give you an instant prize payout worth a random amount when the bonus round is finished.

A Decent RTP

The SlotFather Part II has an RTP of 96.60%, which is pretty exciting for gamblers that want to come away with some decent prize wins. Each time you spin the reels you’ll have a decent chance of getting a win, and while the house clearly has an edge, it is smaller than the edge you’ll face with many other casino games that you could be playing.

Our Slot Rating

While testing out this slot game we gave it a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. The slot offers solid prize payouts, it comes with a good blend of special features to give you different ways to win. If that’s not enough, the game also features a wide range of attractive symbols and it offers excellent mobile support. Any gamblers that are looking for a mob-themed slot game will enjoy what they experience when they play around with the SlotFather Part II.

Modest Game Wins

Since this slot isn’t a progressive jackpot game the biggest payouts possible aren’t that large in comparison to some of the other slot games. Gamblers will have to settle for prize payouts worth around 3,000 coins. Prizes up to 15,000 coins are possible with the Bet Level turned up, but that still amounts to pretty modest prize wins compared to some other slot games available today. Players that want to get rich off a single lucky reel spin will be disappointed with this slot game overall.

Play the Slot for Fun

While it’s more exciting to play this slot for real money, it’s possible to play it for fun without ever risking real money. The SlotFather Part II is designed to play without costing you any money in the process. If you decide to play the slot like this you’ll be given play credits to make use of and you can start spinning the reels almost immediately. If you prefer to play for real money you can do that as well, though the steps will be a bit more comprehensive.

Real Money Gambling

If you want to play this slot for real money, you’ll have to join up with a compatible casino, make a real money deposit and then you’ll have access to real money wagering. After going through those steps you can begin playing the slot for real money and experience the excitement of trying to win real cash while playing through round after round of slots.

Simple Mobile Wagering

When playing the SlotFather Part II it’s possible to experience the full game on most mobile devices and no app is necessary to do so. The game loads up in a mobile web browser in just a few minutes. Gamblers with a modern tablet or smartphone should be able to easily load up the slot game and start wagering on it. The game looks, feels and performs just like it does in a mobile web browser making it very convenient to play around with. Test it out for yourself and see just how good mobile wagering is.

The SlotFather Part II is an intense online slot game with a good mix of features and interesting graphics. It’s a thrilling slot experience for gamblers looking for a gangster style slot game. The game is beautiful to look at, but it’s really the mix of features including the bonus rounds and free spins that makes this slot game worth playing around with.