Moonlight Mystery Slots

You're the ace detective in Moonlight Mystery slots. Big Ben chimes 3 o'clock when a gun goes off. You need to use your tits to figure out “who-dunn-it” in this five-reel slot game. The bonus game is one of the key reasons to keep playing. It's so much fun.

Start with your coin value. Options are 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, or $1. Next, select one to five credits on each line and activate up to 15 pay lines. Once that's settled, spin the reels or turn on autoplay. The most you can bet is $75 per spin.

Meet the Key Players in the Mystery

Within Moonlight Mystery slots are several key players. The butler and maid pay up to 40 and 50 coins each. Lady and Colonel Dunnit pay as much as 75 and 100 coins. The professor and constable are next on the paytable and pay up to 200 and 500 coins each. The doctor and inspector pay the most of these key players with prizes as high as 750 and 1,000 coins.

The most rewarding symbol in the slot game is the magnifying glass. It pays a prize of 2 coins when you get just two of them on the reels. Fill a line with magnifying glasses and win the 2,000 coin jackpot.

Remaining symbols are the bottle of poison that's a wild in the base game and expanding wild during free spins. The scatter lantern triggers one of the game's two bonuses. The body symbol is a bonus symbol that triggers a bonus game.

Body Symbols Lead to the Who-Dunn-It Bonus Game

It's a stormy night when you're called to Dunnit Manor. There's been a murder. Pick a door to start. In that door, you'll pick a room, murder weapon, and suspect. You win cash for your choices. If you pick the right room, suspect, and murder weapon, you win the most cash. To play the bonus, all you need is to get three body symbols on the reels.

What you win depends solely on your choices. I had the room and weapon right, but I didn't pick the correct suspect. As a result, I won 1,500 coins. See if you can top that.

Lanterns Lead to Free Spins

Three or more lantern symbols trigger the free spins bonus. Poison bottles that appear on the reels during free spins are expanding wilds. There are no multipliers with the free spins, but the expanding wild can help you win extra cash in this feature.

Can you solve the murder at Dunnit Manor? There's only one thing left to do. Play Moonlight Mystery slots now.