Secret Garden Slots

Explore a magical garden when you play Secret Garden slots. Bet up to $50 per spin on this five-reel bonus slot. In addition to free spins, there's a fun bonus game to play. Piano music plays in the background as you watch colorful illustrations fly by on the reels.

Symbols in Secret Garden include items you'd find in the garden and some of the important characters. Win up to 65 coins with the gardening tools. A rabbit (up to 65 coins), wall fountain (up to 100 coins), and wheelbarrow (5 to 100 coins) round out the lowest paying symbols.

The boy starts out the next paytable with a prize of up to 300 coins. You'll earn more with the squirrel (10 to 350 coins), girl (20 to 400 coins), and bucket (5 to 150 coins). Roses are a jackpot symbol worth up to 500 coins. The robin is the most valuable with a top prize of 5,000 coins.

Three or More Garden Gates Bring Many Free Spins

You win 20 free spins with three garden gates. If you get four gates, you win 30 free spins. Should you get all five, enjoy 50 free spins.

Trigger more free spins and they'll keep piling up. To do this, you need to get at least three garden gate scatters. I was able to trigger 20 free spins on my sixth spin. On the third of the 20 free spins, I got three more garden gates, which brought my total to 40 free spins with doubled prizes. The winnings really built up at that point. On my $10 per spin wager, I won $233.

After this spins, I got three gates again and won another 20 free spins. On the 15th free spin, I got another three gates for another 20 free spins. The same thing happened on my 37th spin bringing me to a total of 60 free spins this time and winnings of $571. While the free spins bonus occurred regularly, I had a harder time triggering the bonus game.

Keys Trigger the Secret Garden Bonus Game

In the bonus game, you get to enter the garden. Search for pink and red roses, watering cans, and keys. The pink roses give you 200 coins. Red roses are more valuable at 1,000 coins. Watering cans refill your garden. Keys help you advance to the next level. Water as many plants as you can before the bonus ends, and you'll win thousands.

Enter the magical garden and experience all the fun. It's one of the better bonus games out there. If you haven't tried it, head to an online casino now and spin the reels. Don't miss your chance to win a bundle playing Secret Garden slots.