Midas Touch Slots

The phrase the Midas touch refers to an ancient Greek myth. Midas was a greedy king. He had it all. However, he wanted more riches. The story talks about how King Midas got his wish of being able to touch things into gold. However, things don't pan out for Midas as his daughter turns to gold. He later dies of starvation.

Well now you can immerse yourself in that world without having to worry about suffering a similar fate. A way to immerse yourself in that world is to gamble online.

There is an online slot machine entitled Midas Touch. Let's break the game down. The game is a 3 line and 3 reel online slot machine. The game may not have tons of lines and reels. However, it focuses on the substance over style. It is a slot machine. You, the online casino gambler, are playing to win the game. The theme is secondary. It is all about attempting to win money and also having an enjoyable entertainment experience. It is safe to say that Midas Touch delivers on both fronts.

There are several slot machine reel symbols in the game. The symbols in the game are logically based around the theme of Midas touching his fruit. The first in the pay table is a golden Midas Touch symbol. The second symbol is a cherry. Another slot machine reel symbol is a plum. The game's reel symbols include a lime. A lime is a logical slot reel symbol given the story of Midas turning his fruit into gold. A watermelon, grapes, and a pear also appear in Midas Touch as online slot machine reel symbols. Fruit are used as slot machine reel symbols in many slot machines both online and in brick and mortar casinos.

The developers of this game have created a top notch product. The graphics are great. The slot is very user friendly. It will appeal to both new and long time online casino gamblers. The game has wagering flexibility. This means that players of all different bank roll sizes can play this game to their hearts content.

You'll have a lot of fun

Go to the website of your favorite online casino. Make a financial deposit using the method that works best for you. Play Midas Touch. This is a compelling story that has been transformed into an enjoyable game. You are bound to have an enjoyable and entertaining gambling experience playing Midas Touch!