Boom Bucks Slots

Classic casino online slot games are making quite the comeback, with players voicing a desire to venture back into a more traditional way of playing online casino games. As an answer to this desire, BetSoft has developed Boom Bucks Slot game. This classic slot comes with three reels, five pay lines, and a retro feel that will remind players of the good old days where slots were simple and easy to understand. While this slot is very traditional in design, it does come with some twists that keep players highly entertained.

Classic Rules & Symbols In Boom Bucks Slots

This quick paced online slot game comes with two different betting levels. A player can wager four or eight. To create a win, players must land three matching symbols on a pay line. The symbols are quite traditional, as expected, in Boom Bucks Slots. They consist of classic fruit graphics of cherries, lemons, plums, oranges, grapes, pears, bells, and watermelons. The cherries, lemons, plums, and oranges will pay 20 or 30 coins, which the grapes, pears, and watermelons will pay 40 or 60 coins. There are also bombs and bars that will appear on the reels and will pay out 100 and 200 coins when they create a winning pay out.

The Boom Bucks Slot Wheel Adds A Hint Of Modern Fun

The Boom Bucks Slot Wheel is one of the more modern aspects to this classic online slot game. The wheel gives players extra rewards of up to 100 coins, but the winning amounts depend on whether the player used the four or eight wagering option. There are three options with the wheel, which includes “Go” (raises the meter by the amount landed on the spin), “Stop” (resets the meter by the bet), “Logo” (gives the player the winnings that have accumulated on the meter). This feature can help players get a bit of a boost when it comes to winning and can make the game much more thrilling.

Boom Bucks Slots is a very simple game for players of any experience level to play and enjoy. While it’s extremely easy to play, it does have a great deal of very bright and colorful graphics that will appeal to many players. It should also be said that while this is a very classic slot in design, it can fun for higher rollers to enjoy, as well, due to the coin size options of four and eight.