Hellraiser Slots

If you're looking for something different, Hellraiser slots may have what you're after. It's a four-reel slot game where you bet up to 20 coins on 10 pay lines. The coin value is $1, so you can go as high $20 per spin and win up to $200. You can also win a chance at the Hellraiser mode that really amps up the potential winnings.

Prizes Depend on Your Wager

Betting one coin puts your potential winnings at 2 to 100x. It increases from there. If you bet 5 or 10 coins, you can win up to 100x. With 20 coins, you win up to 200x. If you're lucky enough to trigger the Hellraiser mode, all prizes are 100 or 200x. Symbols include cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, and the devilish Hellraiser.

Special Features Are Available

It's the special features where Hellraiser slots starts to stand out. When you win, your winnings go into a Clubmeter for additional play. You can transfer them to your casino balance. The Clubmeter helps you place bigger bets.

You can choose to hold a reel if you're close to a win but need a little extra help. You can also try to increase a prize by choosing the coin toss after the road. Pick head or tails and see what happens. You can keep playing or collect your prize.

Get three or more bats on the reels and enter the Hellraiser mode. You get an instant prize of 200 devil credits that you use to play. When you win, you'll win 100x or 200x, there are no other prize levels in this mode. Devils appearing on the screen take away from your devil credits, but you can gain them during this bonus, too, by getting a winning spin.

If your favorite casino offers practice play, Hellraiser slots is a good game to play for fun at first. When you get used to the different features and game modes, switch to real money play and watch your winnings pile up.