Fire & Steel Slots

We all know what fire is and we’ve seen steel in many guises too. What if we were to put those two together and throw them into a Betsoft Fire& Steel slot game? What might that bring us, we wonder?

You never know what Betsoft might have in store for you. We can confirm this game has some excellent features to enjoy.

Reels and pay lines

We can reveal the game has five reels and 20 lines. Don’t expect a 5 x 3 format though – instead, you will see a 3-4-5-4-3 formation.

Coins to consider using

Go from two cents up to a dollar when choosing your coin size. You can then decide whether to wager one or more coins per line, with five playable at most.

Fire and Steel icons to look for

Behold the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden, both of whom appear in this game. They are both wild too, although they behave in different ways. Whenever the Swordsman appears, he lays down a line of wild icons either above or below the spot he appears in. Meanwhile, the Shieldmaiden lays down a line of wilds either to the right or left of wherever she appears.

With those two wilds in play, you may not expect anything else. However, you should be prepared to spot a symbol that says WILD over a misty background. That is a regular wild and it behaves as you would expect it to.

Are there special features involved?

The free spin trigger is tricky to get here. Not only should the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden appear in one spin, the wilds they lay down for you should intersect with each other.

The point where those lines of wilds cross will become a sticky wild for your 10 freebies. It is possible to trigger further freebies as well, just as you originally did. If this happens, you can get a second sticky wild in play while retaining the first one you already had.

Prepare to play the Fire and Steel slot today

This is a great game, and while the fantasy theme has been done many times before, it has never seen two wild features like these. When combined, they provide an interesting trigger for the free spins, while giving you lots of drama on the reels as well. Are you ready to look out for the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden?