Dollars to Donuts Slots

In just one spin, you could win $25,000 playing Dollars to Donuts slots. This three-reel slot game has five pay lines and a top prize of 5,000x. With coin values going from a penny to $5, you can win a lot of cash. All it takes is a three-coin bet on the five lines.

Get ready to tempt your taste buds in this game. Many of the symbols offer tempting treats with plenty of sugary symbols. Bars, 7s, and donuts all come glazed and decorated with all times of sprinkles. They look good enough to eat.

Wilds Pay the Most in Cash Prizes

Prizes differ for one, two, or three coin bets. The wild Dollars to Donuts symbol pays the most. You get a prize of 1,500x on a one-coin wager. Two coins double that prize to 3,000x. If you go for it and bet all three coins, you can win 5,000x. Dollars to Donuts also replace other symbols to help you form winning combinations.

There are three 7 symbols. Orange 7s pay 50, 100, or 150x depending on the number of coins you've selected. Purple 7s pay 40, 80, or 120x. The green 7s pay 30, 50, or 90x. A mix of 7s pay 3, 6, or 9x.

Bars come in singles, doubles, or triples. Singles pay 5 to 15x. Doubles pay 10 to 30x. Triples pay 15 to 45x. If you get a mix of them on a pay line, you win 1, 2, or 3x.

Donuts are next. Three donuts on a line pay 10 to 30x. You also win a small prize with two of them. The prizes for two donuts range from 5 to 15x.

Place Your Bet and See What You Win

With a selection of symbols and multiple pay lines, winning this three-reel slot isn't as hard as you'd think. I set the coin value to 25 cents. Betting three coins on the five pay lines, I was spending $3.75 per spin. I set my spending limit to $37.50. After those 10 spins, I'd won $39. I didn't win a lot, but I did break even. You might find yourself doing better.

Grab some coffee, imagine sipping that while treating yourself to a sugary treat. Play the food slot Dollars to Donuts now.