Jumbo Joker Slots

BetSoft has come out with quite a few retro slots lately and Jumbo Joker Slots might just be their most thrilling on to date. This 3 reel, 5 pay line traditional slot comes with a jackpot and a big pay day of $2000. While the symbols are very classic and non-thrilling, the extra perks, like the Jumbo Meter, that are added into the game make it quite exciting to play. Players can enjoy the simplicity of a very user-friendly slot, without compromising the option to win giant prizes in Jumbo Joker Slots.

Fruity Symbols Lead The Way To Big Pay Outs In Jumbo Joker Slots

As expected in any classic slot, the symbols in Jumbo Joker Slots don’t cause too much controversy, being that they are mostly all fruits and bells. Players can expect to see lemons, watermelons, grapes, bells, berries, jokers, 7s, and treasure chests landing upon the reels. The objective is for the player to land three matching symbols to get a pay out. If they’re lucky enough to land three joker symbols, they’ll instantly win the $2000 jackpot.

Medium Variance Slot With High Paying Potential: Jumbo Joker Slots

Players can start playing the game by first choosing how many coins they’d like to wager on each line, for a wager of up to 10 coins per line. Each coin is worth from $0.01 to $10. The game does come with a Max Bet button for those higher rollers to like to go all in with their traditional online slot games.

Jumbo Joker Slots Unleashes Big Fun With The Jumbo Meter

The Jumbo Meter is what sets this classic slot apart from other classic slots of its kind. The Jumbo Meter will increase as players create winning combinations. Players should also look out for pay outs that will come when the 7s are combined with treasure chests. To get the bigger prizes, the point is to increase your average bet per spin. This can be a bit tricky to understand.

As an example, if a player wagers 10 coins for the spin and gets 3 bells, the bottom reels will pay 200 coins. The top reels would pay 1200 coins if the wager was 40 coins for the spin. You can choose to just bet one coin or you can bet more on the Jumbo Meter. You can bet one coin or you can increase them from 20 to 100 coins per wager on the Jumbo Meter.