Fa Fa Twins Slots

Have you been introduced to the Fa Fa Twins? If not, now is the time to find out more about them. These cute twins are part of the slot that bears their name. Developed by Betsoft, the twin theme hasn’t been done too often before. It also provides a clue to the main appeal of the game. Can you guess what that might be?

Reels and pay lines

Five reels usually mean you will get lots of paylines, but that is not the case here. Instead, you will receive all possible ways to secure prizes, which add up to 243 ways in total.

Coins to consider using

Up to five coins could be played per line, with each coin worth from two cents to a dollar.

Fa Fa Twins icons to look for

The game has a striking logo, so it makes sense this would be given a role to play. In this case, it is used as a substitute icon. It has the power to substitute for everything else. We should also reveal the lack of a scatter in the game.

The twins can grant you a good prize if five sets of twins occupy one paid line. The reward for this would be 1,000 credits.

Are there special features involved?

There are no free spins in this game, nor are there any respins. Does that mean all you can look forward to is the appearance of some wilds?

No, and remember we did tell you the game is based around a twin theme. In this case, we get a Dual Reels feature. Every spin you play, without exception, will see two or more of the five reels spinning identical symbols on them. That means if the first three or more reels spin as Dual Reels, it guarantees you will scoop some credits.

While this is the limit of the bonus possibilities in the Fa Fa Twins slot, it does occur on every spin. You will find yourself watching closely to see which reels (and how many) start spinning in tandem on each go.

Prepare to play the Fa Fa Twins slot today

The presentation of the theme is excellent in the Fa Fa Twins slot game. You can always count on Betsoft to deliver a superb experience, even in games that don’t have too many bonus elements to enjoy. This is a great example of how easily this one can work.