2 Million BC Slots

No one will ever know for sure – we must rely on history books and similar tomes to tell us anything about this period of history. However, Betsoft has attempted to recreate this period in a slot game with some cool 3D graphics in play. Are you going to check it out and meet some of the inhabitants of that time?

Reels and win lines

The game offers five reels to spin and provides space for 30 lines to be included on those reels.

Coins to consider using

A two-cent value is the cheapest coin to use for each line. The highest value goes to 50 cents, while you can also decide if you wish to choose more than one coin on each line – going to five at most.

2 Million BC icons to look for

Surprisingly, you won’t find a wild in action, nor will you spot a scatter. So, is there anything worth looking for? Yes, there is.

Are there special features involved?

Fire can appear on the reels of this game. Three appearances of the flames will bring the player some freebies. These can be triggered again too, if things go your way and you find the trigger once more.

If you can spot three or more acorns in one spin, the Saber Attacks bonus will unlock. This involves a saber-toothed tiger, and your task is to try and knock it out cold to get a prize.

Diamonds can also appear on the reels. Should three or more appear on the same line from left to right (it must be a paid line to count), you will enter the diamond bonus. The caveman is trying to take the diamond held by the tiger. It is a tall order, but can he manage it to trigger an instant prize?

Prepare to play the 2 Million BC slot today

2 Million BC is an interesting look back through time to a period few of us can ever imagine living in. It has been nicely developed and presented by Betsoft, but then, would you ever have expected anything else?

The absence of the wild and scatter you would usually see is a shame, but when you realize how many bonuses are provided, it becomes easier to see the appeal of this slot game. There is a demo to look at if you wish, making it easier to find out more.